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      In the production and processing of industrial accessories, the surface of the workpiece often contains dirt such as oil stains, iron filings, polishing wax, etc. If not thoroughly cleaned, it will increase the defect rate of the processed parts and affect delivery, bringing huge losses to the enterprise.
      The traditional manual brushing and decontamination method has low cleanliness and is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The equipment and procedures required for steam cleaning process and high-pressure water jet cleaning are complex and costly, and they still cannot meet the requirements when performing cleaning processes with high precision and cleanliness requirements.
      Compared to other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machines have shown significant advantages. Especially in large-scale and automated production workshop enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machines have gradually replaced traditional soaking, brushing, pressure flushing, vibration cleaning, and steam cleaning processes.
      Ultrasonic cleaning is transmitted to the cleaning solution through the conversion of ultrasonic transducer into high-frequency vibration. The forward radiation of ultrasonic in the cleaning solution causes tens of thousands of small bubbles in the liquid.
      These small bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure zone formed by the longitudinal propagation of ultrasound, and quickly close in the positive pressure zone. This phenomenon is called the "cavitation effect". When the bubbles close, they can generate an instantaneous high pressure of 1000 atmospheres, just like a series of small "explosions" that continuously impact the surface of the workpiece, causing dirt on the surface and gaps of the workpiece to quickly peel off, thus achieving the goal of cleaning the workpiece.
      The high efficiency and cleanliness of ultrasonic cleaning machines are attributed to the penetration and cavitation shock waves generated by their sound waves when propagating in the medium. So it is easy to clean components with complex shapes and cavities. For general processes such as oil removal, rust prevention, and phosphating, it can be completed in just a few minutes under the action of ultrasound, and its speed can be increased by several to several tens of times compared to traditional methods.
      In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical cleaning method that is safe and reliable, does not generate electromagnetic waves or radiation, and does not harm the human body. In addition, there is no need for the human body to directly touch the cleaning agent, which also ensures personal health. Come to our website if you have any needs http://www.xayoudao.com consulting service
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