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      The five slot manual ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally designed and manufactured according to the customer's workpiece cleaning requirements. It can be combined with processes or processes such as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, hot soaking, compressed air stirring soaking, drying, chemical polishing, oiling, etc. Due to the use of multiple cleaning methods, the cleaning solution can be filtered accurately at multiple levels, effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the product and according to the actual needs of the customer, Equipped with automatic/semi-automatic transmission mechanisms, flexibly meeting various cleaning requirements of customers.
      Application industry
      1. 表面喷涂处理行业:不锈钢抛光制品、不锈钢刀具、餐具、刀具、锁具、灯饰、手饰的喷涂前处理、电镀前清洗。
      1. Surface spraying treatment industry: Pre spraying treatment and pre electroplating cleaning of stainless steel polished products, stainless steel cutting tools, tableware, cutting tools, locks, lighting, and hand decorations.
      2. 机械行业:机械零部件、精密机械部件、压缩机零件、照相机零件、轴承、五金零件、模具等。
      2. Machinery industry: mechanical components, precision mechanical components, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, molds, etc.
      3. 医疗行业:注射器、手术器械、研究实验用具、玻璃容器、牙科用具、食道镜、气管支镜、直肠镜、显微镜等。
      3. Medical industry: syringes, surgical instruments, research and experimental equipment, glass containers, dental equipment, esophagoscopes, bronchoscopes, rectoscopes, microscopes, etc.
      4. 钟表首饰行业:清除灰尘、氧化层、抛光膏、贵金属、装饰品、计器、表带、表壳、表针、数字盘、油泥等。
      4. Watch and Jewelry Industry: Remove dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, precious metals, decorations, watches, strap, case, needle, digital dial, putty, etc.
      Product Advantages
      1. Made of imported stainless steel plate 304, with a beautiful and durable appearance.
      2.清洗槽设有加热及日本欧姆龙数显温控制装置,温度控制范围 30 ~ 110℃ 。
      2. The cleaning tank is equipped with heating and Japanese Omron digital temperature control devices, with a temperature control range of 30-110 ℃.
      3. Select the "NTK" chip transducer chip assembly, with strong ultrasonic power output.
      4. The cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator adopt a split design, which is convenient to use and has a longer lifespan.
      5. The size, ultrasonic power, and ultrasonic frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning tank can be customized according to customer requirements.
      6. High cleaning efficiency, saving electricity and reducing failure rate.
      7. The advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, and good cleaning effect.
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      The above is the content introduced by the manufacturer of the multi slot manual ultrasonic cleaning machine. Thank you for taking the time to check our company's information and content http://www.xayoudao.com If you want to learn more, welcome to call for consultation!
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